Dawn King

Growing up down the road in Pueblo, this Colorado native attended college in Denver on a basketball scholarship. After sustaining a serious knee injury, Dawn began to look for an alternative to knee replacement surgery. She was introduced to Pilates by a close friend and 15 years forward, it has proven to be her solution to avoiding surgery. It also launched her lifework to help others rehabilitate with Pilates. A certified Pilates and GYROTONIC ® instructor, she opened her Colorado Springs studio seven years ago. “I am so thankful for the privilege of helping clients find the long-lasting health benefits I have experienced through Pilates.”

A core principle of Pilates is balance. “Balancing the life of a mother with twins, a business owner, and wife can be a challenge,” Dawn confesses. “Being a business owner is only one facet of my life. I am also committed to being actively involved in my kids’ lives.” Passionate about her children, Dawn wants to lead by example. “I have been fortunate to have a strong family structure. My parents were great role models and I am blessed to have a loving, supportive husband.”

Dawn has a degree in marketing. This has been invaluable in running her own business--from overall planning and marketing to creating the next crucial business steps.

“My clients inspire me. To see someone come in hurting and through our classes and education improve their health and leave with a smile on their face reminds me that we are helping people every day.”

A favorite quote of Dawn is from Einstein who said, “A woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has been before.” This inspiring woman is forging a path to help others.

Sun Pilates Owner