Donna Carlson

Ready, Aim, Re-invent are three words that describe Donna Carlson’s philosophy as a life strategy coach. Donna helps professionals ready their innate gifts, skills, and passions to aim for 360 degree influence, “up, down and sideways,” and reinvent a life of impact. “As I walk through the coaching process with clients and watch the lights of self-awareness come on, I know that the work I do means something. It doesn’t only impact their performance at work. It impacts their whole life.” Donna is living proof of the courage that re-invention requires.  360º Life Strategies, launched last summer, was a business concept Donna perfected over the past three years in her graduate program on holistic leadership.

“I believe that to have great impact in work and life, you must bring 100% of yourself to whatever you do,” Donna tells Living Well. “This has guided my graduate work and the development of my Life Strategy Design program.”

Equipped with the principals of holistic leadership and a natural curiosity, she sees each individual as a masterpiece in their own, unique way. “My job as a coach is to help people discover that they already know the answers they’re seeking.” She knows because that’s what she learned in her own reinvention right after her 50th birthday.

“Once I realized that I was in the wrong job, I moved pretty quickly to change the landscape. Since that time, I’ve discovered so many courageous women who are looking for a coach who can help them understand who they are, how they’re made, and what they’re going to do with it.”  This courageous woman speaks from experience, “You can’t lead someone down a path if you haven’t taken it yourself.”

Executive Coach