Jane Young

Since the age of two, Jane has grown up in Colorado Springs. Earning an undergraduate degree and an MBA in finance from UCCS, she set her course as a CFP.  “I’m doing what I know I was meant to do. I see financial planning similar to solving a puzzle, formulating a plan to help the families I work with and have grown to love.”


For over 20 years, Jane has owned her own firm, working with pre-retirement and retirement clients. She is also passionate about helping women who are going through a divorce or have lost a spouse.  Not a naturally aggressive salesperson, Jane’s clients appreciate her subtle, humble approach which drives her philosophy of a fee-only firm where clients pay a flat, annual retainer. This guarantees her availability to clients without fear of additional costs when they need her advice.


Jane lives to travel. She is well on her way to achieving her three travel goals of visiting every region of France, every country in Europe, and every state in America. “With the lighting, architecture, and Seine River, my favorite city is Paris. I am battling to learn French!”


In addition to being a world traveler, Jane is an artist.  Her office walls are lined with original acrylic and watercolor paintings.  Inheriting her father’s love for art, he was a professional artist and art director in our city for many years. 


Jane bleeds blue and gold with her 20+ year involvement in the Rotary Club." I think it's essential for people to give back to their community." Jane Young portrays the heart of our city. Passionate about serving her community, she sets a tone for Colorado Springs that is crucial, not only to growth, but growth in a positive way.  www.morethanyourmoney.com

Financial Planner