Dr Katharine Leppard

Dr. Katharine Leppard is the first physician in her family.  She grew up in Michigan, completing her medical residency at the University of Michigan Hospital.  Yet she knew there were other places that boasted blue skies, mountains, low humidity, and no mosquitos—the Rocky Mountains were calling. She moved to Colorado Springs in 1996.


Dr. Leppard was with Pikes Peak Physical Medicine for twelve years. She opened her own solo medical practice Medical Rehabilitation Specialists in 2008. Being a solo practice physician means you are also a small business owner, that is a job that is not taught in medical school.


 Driven by the diagnostic challenge and problem-solving aspect of medicine, she focuses on diagnosing peripheral (arm and leg) nerve injuries and illness by electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies. Before attending medical school Dr. Leppard was a physical therapist and enjoys treating musculoskeletal injuries as well.  


When she entered medical school in 1988, 50% of her class were women. “Being a woman in medicine feels normal to me. However, when I visit with older women physicians, some had different experience. I feel very fortunate to live in a time and country where I didn’t experience boundaries or feel less accepted because I was a woman. I am grateful that my parents taught me that I could accomplish whatever I set my mind on.” she told LW.


Dr. Leppard and her husband, Kevin Patterson owner of The Patterson Group Realtors, both love Colorado Springs, and make it a point to give back and support local organizations and charities to strengthen our wonderful community.  As small business owners, they are fond of saying that “we are all in.”   


Dr. Leppard is honored to be included in the women who inspire. 


“Perhaps someday we will eliminate categories such as gender or race, and it will simply be people who inspire.”


Medical Rehabilitation Specialists