The three partners of KHM are driven to serve families in our community. “We are all moms and we’re all married so we understand the struggles families face.” 


Divorce is an unfortunate reality of life. “We want to handle these delicate family matters with dignity and respect, helping families to comfortably walk through their options,” says Knies. A combat veteran and former US Army JAG officer, Jennifer served our country for 22 years. She will tell you that one of the most amazing and challenging times in her life was a year-long deployment helping the Afghan Government develop programs and procedures to prosecute insurgents.


Kelly McPherson attended the Air Force Academy, where she lettered in Division 1 cross country and track. As an Officer, she taught Moral Philosophy and Professional Ethics. As a former federal agent in the Office of Special Investigations, she now applies her training in interrogation to cross exam in the courtroom for the benefit of families and children. “I want to inspire my own children and pass on the service-oriented focus my parents passed along to me.


Rounding out this trio, Jennifer Helland is a mother of four and not your typical soccer mom! She played hockey through college and now coaches locally. “I love coaching my kids’ hockey team. It takes effort to achieve balance as a mom, spouse, attorney, and coach. Coaching allows me to spend valuable time with my kids.” A firm believer in quality education, Jennifer is a driving force for the new Liberty Tree Academy Classical School opening in Falcon this August.


Family law is a tough career, but these three remarkable women understand the challenges and joys of raising a family.  Their combined experience and knowledge continue to help families in our community met these challenges with grace and dignity.


Family Law

Left to Right: Jennifer Knies, Jennifer Helland and Kelly McPherson