Lindsey Tysland

Lindsey Tysland is following her passion to help clients turn vision into reality. This local home builder has found respect in what typically is known as a male-dominated industry. A key component to her success is mutual trust, not only in her relationship with clients, but also in her relationship with subs. “By nature, I am not a person with ‘thick skin,’ but I have learned to have tough conversations when needed so we can all work towards resolutions.” My philosophy is to “walk softly, but carry a big stick.”


Successful in many areas, she played softball on scholarship at UCCS, earned a degree in communications, and taught Special Education for several years after getting her Master’s in this field. When she completely renovated her home on Pikes Peak Avenue, it began to stir her desire for a future in homebuilding.  Her father, also in the construction field, is one of her “biggest inspirations.”


Lindsey and her husband are raising three daughters and she brings them to her job sites so they can learn the satisfaction in setting and realizing goals. “I believe that having a freestanding identity and purpose makes me a better wife and mom.” With a steady stream of new home builds and remodels, Lindsey is cautious to put her children first. “Finding the balance between their busy schedules and mine is my number one priority.”


Another role model for Lindsey is her mom who went to night school for 6 years to earn her MBA to become a CPA. “Like my dad, she’s extremely supportive, but doesn’t give her opinion unless solicited.”


This successful homebuilder is quick to give others credit. “My team of contractors and others in the industry help me continue to learn and contribute to this profession I love so much.” Working and raising a family in our local community—and doing it so well—makes Lindsey a woman that inspires.

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