Margaret Sabin

Role model, innovator, colleague, workout enthusiast, renegade, motivator and leader are words rightfully used to describe Margaret Sabin. From USA Today to Becker’s Hospital Review, she has made headlines for years by leading healthcare systems to new heights.


This year is a special one for Sabin, who celebrates 10 years with Penrose-St. Francis. Her passion for connecting social platforms can be seen in the culture she’s nurtured in our community. “It’s difficult for just one entity, like a hospital, to carry the full weight of change in any community. We must connect with stakeholders in Colorado Springs and speak with a unified voice, encouraging physical activity, stress reduction and embracing the joyfulness of the present. By partnering up with entities who have the same desires, we empower and strengthen our community for the better.”


Sabin is a passionate ambassador for personal well-being and a healthy life saying, “when you feel better, you do better.” Variety in her workouts keeps her motivated and limited time is never an excuse - even if a busy day allows for a quick 15-minute walk or pushups. Last year, foot surgery prevented her from running temporarily, so she took up swimming again. “At first, I was only swimming to stay healthy, but my love and passion for this sport came back strong. Now I look forward to getting in the pool and cranking out laps.”


This year Sabin is leading the way as Penrose-St. Francis embarks on the largest healthcare master facility plan in southern Colorado’s history. She constantly highlights preventative services and making them widely available. “When we had the Waldo Canyon fire a few years ago, we relocated 45 Catholic Sisters to one of our hospitals. A hand-written note requested, ‘Margaret, we’d like a key to the gym, please forward.’ I love this attitude! We are entering a new time when we don’t need to lay our perceptions on any one generation because times are changing and we are here to embrace them.”


We don’t need to lay our perceptions on any one generation.

President & CEO of Penrose-St.Francis Health Services