Morane Kerek

As CFO for the US Olympic Committee, Morane Kerek laughs at how life can surprise you. “I never envisioned myself as a financial brain. Daughter of a Midwestern coal miner, I was not one of those ten-year olds who just knew what I wanted to do.” For someone uncertain about a career path, this fun-loving “financial brain” has done quite well! Morane landed a job right out of college with one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, Ernst & Young. Her goal was to earn industry experience and maybe teach at a collegiate level. Instead, she ended up in sports, landing a job in Finance at IMG, a global leader in sports marketing. A decade later, her contacts at IMG opened the door at USOC.


“I thrive on variety so this job is a perfect fit. Every two years, we essentially start a new business in a new country. It is completely different each time with local customs, laws, and contract rules that dictate how the model will operate in that country.” 

The move to Colorado Springs was a natural for Morane and her husband Mike who both love to ski and hike. Trying to balance two careers and a family caused them to make a strategic decision in 2006 for Mike to be a stay-at-home Dad, allowing Morane to meet the demanding role of her position. “I love that our two children have seen us breaking down gender stereotypes that have worked beautifully for our ‘flip family.’”  

“My future goals anchor right here at USOC. I feel my team and I are truly doing something good for our world, which is very fulfilling.” This passionate CFO is bringing Olympic-size inspiration to our Rocky Mountain community!

CFO - US Olympic Committee