Paddison Lowe

Meet Paddison Lowe, an inspiring and driven young woman, who is a junior at Discovery Canyon High School with plans to enter pre-med at Rice or Notre Dame. Paddison will tell you her love for medicine stems from her mother and older cousin who are both in the medical field. “I originally wanted to be a surgeon, but now I’m leaning towards Radiology or Anesthesiology,” Paddison says.


Paddison faced a hard decision this past year--to stay at Discover Canyon or attend Kent, a private school in Denver. Deciding to stay local, Paddison set a goal to graduate high school in three years. She took an online summer math class through Johns Hopkins University. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but one of my best accomplishments.” At the youthful age of 12, she wrote her ACT essay. This allowed her to enroll in the Johns Hopkins Youth Program and Brigham Young, congruent to her studies at Discovery Canyon.


Very transparent and self-aware, Paddison will tell you that high school is tough socially, but it’s training her to stay the course and remain a strong leader and role model. “No matter who you are, I believe everyone struggles with others’ perceptions. However, these challenges have helped me keep my self-confidence high and realize that I will never let other people tell me I can’t reach my goals. Social pressure in high school is tough and I realize that doesn’t go away just because you graduate.”


Paddison praises her father as a strong man of integrity. Leading by example, he believes you never cut corners, no matter the cost, a key ingredient to success.


As Paddison closes in on her last year of high school, she looks forward to her senior prom and “doing the normal high school things,” including playing varsity tennis. Wise beyond her years, this accomplished young woman is unstoppable!


I will never let others tell me I can’t reach my goals.

Junior at Discovery Canyon H.S.