Accelerated recovery offers new approach to orthopedic surgery

March 1, 2017

Historically, an orthopedic surgery was a long, drawn-out process for patients, from pre-op consults, to several days of recovery in a hospital bed, to days and weeks of convalescence at home. To change that, Centura Orthopedics and Penrose-St. Francis Health Services are pioneering a fully comprehensive approach to orthopedic surgeries that is revolutionizing Accelerated Recovery practices for patients.


Innovative advancements in technologies, anesthesia practices and minimally invasive surgical techniques have been critical to the success of outpatient surgical services. At Penrose-St. Francis, the Accelerated Recovery program enhances patient care by focusing resources and attention on some of the orthopedic procedures they know best: knee and hip replacements, partial and full. Depending on each patient’s care plan and condition, they may be discharged the same day of surgery, or the following day.


The Accelerated Recovery program encompasses every aspect of orthopedic patients’ care and recovery, from the first pre-op consult with the patient’s orthopedic surgeon and the surgical team, to surgery coordination, recovery and post-surgical rehabilitation.


Dr. Steve Myers, who is part of Centura Orthopedics and is fully certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and specializes in hip and knee reconstructive surgery, will lead the Accelerated Recovery program and will invite additional surgeons to participate in the program and gain insight and expertise through this initiative.

Accelerated Recovery went into full effect December 1 and is available to qualified patients who are generally in good health, have accessible caregivers and support at home and are committed to their treatment and recovery plan. Patients may be discharged the same day of surgery, or the following day. Medicare patients must spend at least one night hospitalized. While many patients will continue to need the traditional approach to joint replacement surgery, patients who are in generally good health will be good candidates for the Accelerated Recovery program.

The evolution of Accelerated Recovery is in line with the changes in healthcare, as customers expect fast, positive results, at lower costs. As surgical techniques have improved and processes have been refined, we have learned that being confined to a bed is bad for patients; the outcomes of immobility are severe. Accelerated Recovery focuses on the ability of our patients, rather than the disability, to actively participate in their recovery and rehabilitation.


The formalized implementation of the Accelerated Recovery program at Penrose-St. Francis is the culmination of every element of patient care: proven surgical techniques, improved anesthetic procedures and great progress in rehabilitation and homecare. An intensified multi-disciplinary approach ensures that every component of patient care will be standardized, not only for cost effectiveness, but because it is the right thing to do for our patients.


At Penrose-St. Francis, we strive to deliver safe and high quality care to every patient and we are nationally recognized as a leader in clinical care, research and patient safety. The orthopedic surgery teams at Penrose-St. Francis are experts in their field. Physicians, nurses and allied care providers are engaged in continuously improving the safety and quality of care we offer, as well as providing the resources and quality care patients need to get back to the active life they enjoy.




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