Whole body cryotherapy

April 5, 2017

Q: What prompted you to open Colorado Springs Cryotherapy?

My wife, Rebekah and I have always been very active and enjoy the Colorado Lifestyle. Unfortunately, because of this, we have both experienced many overuse injuries along the way.  We met at a wealth management firm where I was a Managing Principle for the last 16 years.  Last year I had the opportunity to take an early retirement and began looking for a business to get involved with. 

One day, as we were flipping through the channels, we came across an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although I have no interest in reality shows, I was intrigued by what I saw. The ladies were using a cryochamber. At the time, I was suffering from a knee injury and a pulled rib. I began wondering if this type of thing would help. I did my research, called the manufacturer’s representative and eventually decided to try treatment.  I have always been skeptical of treatment modalities that rely on anecdotal evidence, but to be fair, it would be difficult if not impossible to do a double-blind study that involved freezing the body. 

After my very first visit, the rib pain was gone and my knee felt much better. During my research, I discovered that most people experience much better sleep. My 19-year-old son had been an insomniac since his early teens.  I took him to try it, and he noticed marked improvement. At this point, I was hooked. The rest, as they say, is history.


Q: What is Cryotheraphy and how does it work?

Though the basic healing properties behind cold cure are the same as they have been for centuries, cryotherapy as it’s known today has evolved significantly.  Today, instead of soaking our bodies in a tub filled with ice water for twenty to thirty minutes, which can be quite uncomfortable, we can get the same therapeutic benefits and more from a three-minute session in a cryochamber. At Colorado Springs Cryotherapy, we have the most sophisticated cryochamber in the state, which was designed with client comfort among its utmost priorities. Most cryochambers have one setting: extremely cold. We allow our clients to choose from 8 different experiences. They can opt for the traditional cold only session, or they can alternate between heat and cold.  If they want to focus on a particular part of the body, we can increase the intensity for that area alone.  


Q: Is Cryotheraphy just for pain management or are there other benefits?

The main documented benefit from Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is an increase in endorphin levels.  Many European Studies have shown that it is beneficial for relieving the symptoms from depression and anxiety. Most users notice an immediate increase in energy levels and mood even after their first session.


Additional Cryotherapy treatment benefits:

Another category of research was focused on connective tissue growth which helps chronic pain and arthritic states. The first “modern “ cryochambers were developed in Japan in the 1970s to help those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps with things such as tendonitis and other overuse injuries. Athletes, weekend warriors and gym buffs can all benefit from cryotherapy. It speeds the rate of recovery from training and can improve performance during competition.

Many people also use cryotherapy to enhance the health and appearance of their skin. It has been shown to improve tone and smoothness as well as increase elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite. This is due to the stimulation of collagen growth from extreme cold.  And because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be effective for those suffering from dermatitis and psoriasis.

Our immune systems can also experience a boost from cryotherapy sessions. This can cause a decrease in stress levels and improve sleep disorders.  


Q: Is Cryotheraphy safe?

Our state-of-the-art unit runs through its cycle, then stops so clients cannot be over exposed to the cold.  The air in the chamber is cooled using liquid nitrogen, which makes up over 70% of the air we breathe. Unless a person suffers from cold induced asthma or another condition exacerbated by cold, they are completely safe.  


For more information on Colorado Springs Cryotheraphy 

call 719-888-0444 or visit them online at ColoradoSpringsCryotherapy.com




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