The new wave of multi-generational homebuilding

April 6, 2017

More than ever buyers are requesting home designs accommodating grandparents,
parents and grandchildren all living under one roof.


Sometimes things just go together – like baseball and hotdogs, or chocolate and peanut butter! And when the combination of things is just right, well, it’s easy to see that we’ve got a real hit on our hands. Presently this is what is occurring in homebuilding. More than ever buyers are requesting home designs accommodating grandparents, parents and grandchildren all living under one roof.


Mostly this is being driven by a basic combination of needs – grandparents have the equity to build a sizable home and, in return, by allocating the bulk of the space for their children and grandchildren, the grandparents have a loving community just right for affording them the comfort and security of aging in place. 


As for mom and dad, they receive the benefit of upgrading their lifestyle to a new custom built home while providing their children with the blessings of growing up surrounded by the grandparents. It’s a winning combination for all!


At the core of multi-generational living is the home design. Dividing up the square footage into both public and private spaces will require the bulk of thought during the early plan development stages.Often this is accomplished by placing the grandparents on one end of the home while putting mom, dad and children at the other. Both are united by designing large gathering spaces such as living room, kitchen and dining area in-between.


By clearly delineating both public and private spaces, everyone is assured a heightened level of communal living when desired while also maintaining their own islands of sanity to which they may retreat when it’s time for privacy and rest.


Emphasizing Outdoor Space

Also central for multigenerational homebuilding is a heightened focus on outdoor living. By adding courtyards, patios and covered decks, exterior spaces can create sizable alternatives for play and leisure. 

Outdoor kitchens are also great ways to create optional gathering spaces when the weather permits. Add in a fire pit or fireplace and immediately your outdoor options are significantly increased throughout the seasons.


Another benefit to building a new home for a multigenerational setting is all of the ways you can plan for the future. By building in-home elevators, wide hallways and doors along with zero-entry showers and bathrooms fully wheel chair accessible, the future navigation throughout the house is guaranteed for everyone.


Additionally, features such as kitchenettes, zoned heating and cooling, and added insulation for quiet spaces will maximize your level of privacy and self-sufficiency.


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