Much more than bricks and sticks - custom homebuilding.

May 19, 2017

The physics of the twenty-first century continues to bring with it powerful discoveries and affirmations of an all-encompassing energy, connecting both people and planet. At Copperleaf Homes, we believe this holds significant ramifications for the connectivity of homebuilding and wellness.


Have you noticed that your favorite homes all seem to exude a certain vibe, feel, or energy? You can feel it as soon as you see the home or the moment you step through the front door. Some of this vibe is inherent within the home’s design, color, and the textures employed in, on, and around the home. Much of this energy is due to the families living within…and some of that energy is from the intent of the ones who took great care in planning and then constructing the home.



Yes, like all matter, there is a deep structure at work within our homes, comprising much more than what may be seen by the naked eye.


For us, the healing and positive role of energy is at the fore of our thinking during the design/build stages of each new home. Our mission statement is fixated upon tapping into this energy: “At Copperleaf Homes our mission is to thoughtfully build one-of-a-kind works of art of the highest quality and beauty for families to grow together, love together, and age together…for this is a life well lived.”


Let that sink in. The noblest purpose in the design/build of any home is to create a sacred space wherein families can live together with those most committed to sharing heart, mind, and soul. Home is the place where we live together, love together and age in place together.


At Copperleaf, homebuilding is much more than sticks and bricks. Homebuilding is about hopes and dreams and aspirations of a life well lived. It’s about creating ideal spaces that inspire us to share together in morning sunrises and evening sunsets.


Homebuilding is about living, loving, and aging in place together. For this to occur, the design of the home is priority one.



Homebuilding is about living, loving, and aging in place together. For this to occur, the design of the home is priority one.



Gathering Spaces


Often I remind others that families traveling to Colorado may save for a year or more just to spend a brief vacation here – and yet we get to live here every day. What a blessing! Designing and building homes that capture the surrounding Colorado landscape is always an exhilarating part of any new home build.


Outdoor spaces that capitalize on the mountains, plains, and rolling hills bring us into shared places that become our everyday sanctuaries and islands of sanity. 


Large kitchens with island seating provide great spaces to gather with friends and family. The same is true of our living rooms and great halls. When the outside joins with the inside, de-stressing is almost a given – and who doesn’t aim to lessen the stress of everyday life and gather with family and friends as we leave the work world to tomorrow’s agenda?


For those privileged to design and build a home customized just for them… there is much more to accomplish than merely putting together the sticks and bricks. Building a new home is about energy; both the energy you’ll bring to the project and the energy that a well-designed home will give back to you for many years to come.



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