What once was old can be made new again

April 15, 2017

However, now you are overwhelmed with what to do with this mountain of precious stuff. Some of us have a gift and a talent for how best to display our collections; and others just line it up, with the look of a somewhat organized estate sale. Our accessories are actually what makes our home stand out-they tell our story…It’s a life collected.  Like friends, they come in all shapes and sizes, and not one size fits all.


I have always been a major maximalist! I truly love belongings, the stories they tell, and the memory of where I found them. I’ve always collected art and beautiful objects that have enriched my life and my home, as well as being enjoyed by those that see them. Once I read that a collection is the healthiest single thing one could do for oneself-and I took that to heart!  


I have been in retail my entire working career and have owned my own company for 30 years. I’ve been able to hone my skills as a display artist, which allows me to present and contain my obsession. I was honored to curate a lifetime personal collection of a prominent family, which led to the complete reorganization of the amazing pieces they had in their home. After a couple of days, art and antiques were rearranged as a “new” home interior emerged-offering another view and angle of each and every piece that meant so much to the members of this family. It was an incredible big “reveal”, and was, as if, the family were seeing it all for the very first time!


With that all said, maybe it’s time to step back and enjoy what you already have from a brand new perspective. Maybe the reason your art and your collected objects have never moved from the same old spot is that you’re unable to visualize their potential. This may be the perfect time to hire a professional! Bring out items left in storage or in a closet!  Celebrate your history and enjoy your stuff! Just arrange it, light it and show it off!   




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