Senior living has come a long way in recent years.

April 28, 2017

I think there is one dimension of healthcare we can all agree on, the benefits of preventative medicine. Preventative medicine is important from a socio-economic standpoint as it allows us to live longer happier lives free of illness, and it also keeps healthcare costs down. 


The interesting thing about preventative medicine that I have found while working in the senior living industry is how it applies to seniors with respect to their living arrangements. 


The benefits of “preventative medicine” extend to senior living in a slightly different way, although the goal and outcome are the same: being proactive to mediate a health crisis. The preventative measures I am referring to are the act of either planning ahead for a senior living solution such as assisted living or considering a continuing care retirement community with independent living and higher 

levels of care. 




In my line of work, all too often I work with families looking for immediate accommodations for a loved one who has been caught in a health crisis, and living at home alone is no longer feasible. Generally, these families have no idea how senior living works, how much it costs, or even where to find resources to communities available to them. The end result is generally a very anxious family, and often a very unhappy senior who is pressed to make a decision to move instead of transitioning on their own terms. 


Senior living has come a long way in recent years. I find that many folks I talk to have a negative predisposition about senior living that discourages them from investigating it all together. 


Many seniors I counsel feel that making a transition represents a loss of independence, but they are in denial about the lack of independence they have in their own home. Furthermore, it’s difficult to visualize how detrimental a fall or other health emergency is until we are scrambling to find answers like, how am I going to get the help I need at home? So what am I suggesting as far as “preventative medicine” goes for our seniors? Find an opportunity to educate yourself on what options are available to you. Get a refreshed idea of what senior living is like by visiting some senior living communities. Who knows, you may even get a free lunch out of the deal!


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