Is The Sky The Limit For Our Airport

December 12, 2017

Greg Phillips, Director of Aviation for COS Airport talks about record breaking numbers, goals for 2018 and initial plans for an ambitious  900 acre development project.


From January to September of this year, Colorado Springs Airport (COS) recorded a total of 1,215,539 passengers traveling through COS, a 30 percent increase from this time last year. Frontier Airlines largely contributed to the increase with a 383 percent gain in passenger traffic from one year ago. COS continues to grow and reach new heights. “We still have plenty of airfield and terminal capacity,” says Greg Phillips, Director of Aviation for COS. “The notion that our numbers are increasing is very positive. We are prepared and have the capacity to handle the continued growth,” he says.


The airport fervently works hard to raise its awareness in the community as a real, viable option. “With support from existing airlines, plus new carriers like Frontier Airlines, who came into the market in 2016, we have expanded our route map, including 13 unique non-stop destinations on 5 airlines, for a total of up to 33 outbound flights scheduled through February 2018. We have many conveniences like simple parking, easy check-in, short security lines and for the most part, hassle-free travel,” says Phillips.

With new flights being added, many by Frontier Airlines, COS Airport continues to make travel attractive to El Paso County residents.



“Look before you book” is a motto and phrase you’ll hear frequently around COS. With the entrance of new airlines, like Frontier, they’ve pushed fares down and have made their rates more competitive. When you factor in driving, fuel, weather, value of time, and the inconvenience of traveling to DIA, in many cases, COS makes more sense for those of us who live in this region. With new flights being added, like non-stop service to Ft. Myers, Tampa, San Jose and San Antonio to mention a few, COS continues to make travel attractive to El Paso County residents and surrounding areas.


Possibly the biggest obstacle COS will always face is air service access and competition among carriers in Denver. One of the frequently asked questions the airport receives is, “When will Southwest serve Colorado Springs?” While the talks continue, the reality is that Southwest has a strong presence in Denver, so it just doesn’t make sense right now for them to dilute some of that traffic through Colorado Springs. Greg will tell you their focus is three-fold: Maintain the services they have, build upon proven successes, and finally, attract and retain new airline services. “With many of the airlines consolidating, we have most all of them already at Colorado Springs. For a community of our size, this is really great air service. We like to remind our residents to use what we’ve put in place so we don’t lose it,” says Phillips.


COS currently sits on 7,200 acres. That is a massive amount of potential and COS realizes this. One of their focuses for the future is economic development on the land they own. By increasing their financial growth through other ventures on the acreage, they would attract outside businesses, build jobs, and continue increasing air travel related services. Peak Innovation Park is one of these ideas. At an estimate of 900 acres dedicated to business, lifestyle and destination travel, this vision would have substantial economic development and impact for the residents of El Paso County. While the plans are in the first stages, you will hear more about this vision soon. 


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