Health & Wellness at Garden of the Gods

February 13, 2018

Applying evidence-based healthcare principles and practices with the latest advancements in complementary medicine.



Each New Year beckons improvements or a complete overhaul related to personal health and wellness. Whether it’s physical or mental well-being, the International Health & Wellness Center (IHWC) at Garden of the Gods Collection and its team of board-certified physicians and clinicians form a holistic health coaching team to empower clients to take a proactive approach to their own healthcare, obtain optimal health, and live to their fullest potential. To jumpstart wellness-focused New Year’s resolutions, the IHWC at Garden of the Gods Collection offers four 12-month Wellness Membership Programs designed with a creative and unique approach to longevity, vitality, and lifestyle management.


Applying evidence-based healthcare principles and practices with the latest advances in complementary medicine, the highly-skilled and compassionate clinical team is comprised of doctors with training in cardiology, internal medicine, applied kinesiology, functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, functional neurology, holistic nutrition, energetic medicine, mindfulness practice, and fitness training.


The type of Wellness Membership Program is chosen based on the individual’s current health status and wellness goals. Prospective members will receive input from a personal wellness liaison on an initial phone consultation.  Program members then are scheduled for consultations with the appropriate team of doctors who will assist in guiding each individual’s wellness journey throughout the year. Depending on the program, members will have access to several health assessments and testing series, in addition to treatments, therapies, wellness seminars,
and classes.


Treatments at the Spa at Garden of the Gods Collection, directed by Rebecca Johnston, an award-winning esthetician, dovetail with the tailored programs developed at the IHWC, and also are offered à la carte. Utilizing results-driven practices with nutrition and lifestyle analysis for holistic and sustainable outcomes, Johnston works under the direction of the Medical Director at IHWC, Dr. Michael Barber, to develop protocols, programs, and training that ensure the Spa is a premier center for ageless health and beauty.



“Many people have had issues in the traditional medical system and, as a result, are searching for alternatives to so-called standard care,” said Dr. Barber.


According to the most recent available data from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans spent $30.2 billion for out-of-pocket complementary health approaches. This reflects a shift in the healthcare paradigm and individuals seeking multiple types of medical treatment that form a true integrative approach.


Because of the picturesque location, Colorado Springs has long been a wellness destination. Access to seemingly unlimited opportunities that support a wellness lifestyle; collaboration with the Spa and fitness facilities, and the truly integrative nature of the clinical care team and their involvement with every client, make the IHWC unlike any other wellness center or retreat. Utilizing the best of traditional, complementary, precision and proactive medicine, the IHWC allows for the development of a truly comprehensive approach to the care of its clients.


“Our goal is to make the IHWC not only a local, but a national and even an international wellness destination,” said Dr. Barber. “We want to bring people to Colorado Springs to show them the beauty of our environment, introduce them to our new wellness paradigm and help them kick off the New Year on a better, healthier note.”


For more information or to schedule a consultation please call 719.428.2202 

or email us.


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