Centura Spine Care

June 1, 2018


"We have a conservative approach to our care delivery, trying to utilize non-surgical treatment options first and working through those evidence-based practices and alternatives until surgery is the last resort."


An estimated 13,000 spinal cord injuries occur in the U.S. every year, most commonly from vehicle crashes, falls, sports and work-related accidents. Among people aged 55 and older, falls are the most common cause – and can have the most severe, long-lasting effects on a person’s health and quality of life. Spinal cord injuries can happen to anyone, leaving the injured people, their family and friends, to cope with the aftermath, which is often stressful and complicated. 


Back and neck pain, spine conditions or injuries can be life-crippling and altering – treating them shouldn’t be complicated or inconvenient. The experts at Centura Spine Care can help get you back to where you should be – enjoying life as pain-free as possible, in a convenient all-encompassing location close to home. Whatever back or neck pain you’re suffering, or the severity of your spine condition or injury, Centura Spine Care has a full range of treatment options to offer a path to healing and relief. 


At Centura Spine Care, pain management and spine surgery expertise come together under the leadership of Dr. Sergiu Botolin, orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. William Lippert, pain management expert and anesthesiologist. Together, they combine decades of knowledge and experience with physical therapists, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, psychologists and a personal nurse navigator to evaluate each patient’s condition and recommend a comprehensive and conservative treatment program designed to get you back on your feet. 


Centura Spine Care offers a one-stop shop of expertise and compassion


“We have a conservative approach to our care delivery, trying to utilize non-surgical treatment options first and working through those evidence-based practices and alternatives until surgery is the last resort,” explained Lippert, whose specialties include comprehensive pain care management with a focus on spine pain of the back and neck. He has been a leader in innovative pain therapy for over 30 years in Colorado Springs, pioneering advanced pain therapy utilizing laser guidance, sophisticated imaging and neuromodulation. 


At Centura Spine Care, each patient works with a personal nurse navigator who coordinates care and acts as a liaison with the medical team, making sure every need is met on the path to healing and pain relief. 


“Our goal is to work with patients as a team to reduce pain, increase motion and improve quality of life; there is no need to go anywhere else for treatment, we can do everything here at Centura Spine Care,” said Botolin, whose specialties include degenerative spine conditions, minimally-invasive spine surgery, adult and pediatric deformity and complex spinal reconstructive surgery. 

Dealing with back or neck pain and spine conditions and injuries can take a heavy toll on daily life and that is why Centura Spine Care’s one-stop shop model is the most convenient and accessible to our patients in Colorado Springs and across the Pikes Peak region. We offer world-class orthopedic surgery at some of Colorado’s most advanced operating suites. Our skilled spine rehab therapists employ a full range of spine therapy services in an environment designed to foster rapid healing. We are committed to spine pain and injury prevention through education and are fully certified by the Joint Commission. 



“We listen to our patients and take everything they tell us about their symptoms and how they’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally very seriously. Our team is always ready to address every condition, with compassionate and professional care.” 


Whether you are referred by a medical provider or arrive at Centura Spine Care on your own, our expert team will engage in a thoughtful discussion about your pain, lifestyle demands and expectations. We will address any questions or concerns you have and will keep in close contact with you and your referring physician, always maintaining open and accessible lines of communication. 


For more information about Centura Spine Care or to schedule an appointment, call (719) 571-8550 or visit www.penrosestfrancis.org/centuraspinecare

Centura Spine Care is located at Sisters Grove Pavilion, 6011 E. Woodmen Rd., Ste. 360.

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