Why Shop Small

June 12, 2018


When you walk into a small business you are almost guaranteed personal service. An owner or knowledgable salesperson is there to listen to your needs and help you immediately find what you are looking for. At Mackenzie & West we are here to help you create the perfect outfit or find that unique personal gift you will love giving.


Atmosphere and vibe are such important factors when shopping.  Department stores can feel overwhelming and impersonal, but in a small business, you feel the vibe of the store right away.  At Mackenzie & West we pride ourselves on an easy going and friendly atmosphere. Our staff and product assortment add to our happy vibe.  


Small businesses can provide interest to your shopping experience.  Because small business owners buy from a variety of vendors (both big and small), the salespeople likely know the stories and missions behind the companies and products they sell.  At Mackenzie & West we love to share the special details of a purchase whether it be a local artisan or a fair trade company half way around the world.


When you shop small, you build relationships.  It becomes fun and reassuring to come back into a store and work with the same people.  They begin to get to know you better: they learn your style and what your preferences are.  So many times your customers become your friends and how fun is that?  At Mackenzie & West many of our customers HAVE become our friends and are genuinely interested in helping our business succeed. They return again and again to shop with us.


Small businesses create community. When there are a number of small businesses in an area, it becomes like a neighborhood.  People help each other out with referrals, events, handyman work, or just about anything.  Small businesses like to help local businesses, organizations, and charities which further builds and supports the local community.  At Mackenzie & West we recently partnered with Care and Share (Colorado Springs’ local food bank) to help bridge the summer meal gap.  Raising enough to provide 7,149 meals to our local community, we are blessed to have our small business as a platform for giving.


Next time you head out to shop, please consider the many reasons to shop small.  We hope that you will choose local retailers to find just what your are looking for and that you have an enjoyable shopping experience!  At Mackenzie & Westwe hope to provide you with both.



Mackenzie & West is located at
2530A W. Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City.

(719) 471-4463

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