Pilates For Golfers

June 22, 2018



As our beautiful city prepares for the arrival of the PGA’s most elite and experienced golfers, we are reminded of the focus, dedication, and physical acumen that the game of golf demands. Though the goal is to be effortless, the repetitive motion of the golf swing can take its toll on an unconditioned body - resulting in low back, hip, and shoulder pain. To prevent injury and increase strength and stamina, pros such as Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Rich Beem, and Phil Mickelson have all turned to Pilates. In addition to building core strength, Pilates increases balance, pelvic stabilization (key to a rotating spine!), flexibility, and overall postural alignment. It also directly addresses issues central to most golfer’s framework - tight/weak hamstrings, overactive hip flexors, and shortened pectoralis (chest) muscles.   


“I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s game: It’s called an eraser.” – Arnold Palmer


The basic Pilates principle of full-body movement (that focuses from the inside out) is powerful as it addresses most of the problems that golfers have or have the potential to develop. Pilates trains the body uniformly creating balance, stability, strength, and mobility as well as improved flexibility and coordination - music to a golferʼs ears. The basis of a safe and effective golf swing is a stable lumbar spine and a mobile thoracic spine - both features of a good Pilates regime. It works for the pros - and it will work for you!



  • Improved concentration

  • Improved power and accuracy

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Increased clubhead speed

  • Takes the hard work out of the swing





Photo Credit: Wendy Pearce Nelson, Blue Fox Photography


Dawn King, owner of Sun Pilates Studio, is a Master Level Pilates Instructor and a certified GYROTONIC® Instructor. She has 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and is passionate about inspiring her clients to strive for functional and efficient movement. Dawn grew up golfing and enjoys getting out on the course in her “spare” time. She hopes to inspire fellow golfers of all ages to maintain and even improve their current range of motion, strength, flexibility, and passion for the game.



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