My Newfound Confidence

How One Colorado Resident Found a New Smile and New Outlook on Life with Cosmetic Dentistry



I’m 57, and over the years, like many people, I’ve had your standard run of dental work, cleanings, fillings, and crowns. However, I never really thought much about the quality of the dental work I had received until I noticed how my smile had deteriorated and I was having some intermittent jaw and face pain.


My life, health, and particularly my smile were at the point that I was really embarrassed to talk to people and especially embarrassed to laugh. Naturally, this was leading to depression. I’m an outdoor enthusiast and an outgoing person, but I felt ten years older than I was and had lost most of my confidence.



As an entrepreneur, working to start a new business it was important for me to feel good about myself; however due to my worn-down teeth, my self-esteem was low. I knew I must get my health, mind, body, and spirit in check and a huge part of that was being able to smile and look my best. I decided to find a dentist who could help me.


Like most, I initially started my search for the right doctor online. I live in rural Colorado, so I knew I would have to travel to find an experienced and skilled dentist who could handle my problems. Looking for a cosmetic dentist who had the best ratings and recommendations, I called many offices, but when I called Dr. Rota’s office something was different. I was instantly welcomed by a warm, friendly voice from his receptionist. She couldn’t say enough about Dr. Rota’s skills and training and the people he had helped. In fact she answered the phone stating, “changing the world one smile at time.” (At the time, I thought that sounded presumptuous but, not any more.)




Traveling more than two hours for my initial evaluation, I was pleasantly surprised to walk into an office that looked more like someone’s home than a dental facility. Even more impressive was the time Dr. Rota and his staff took to listen to my concerns, evaluate my issues and explain my dental condition and his recommendations. I felt reassured that I was in the right place.


Prior to beginning my treatment, the “ah ha” moment for me was when Dr. Rota inserted custom designed “temporaries” showing me what my smile would look like. Dr. Rota has the video on his phone for proof! I literally broke down in tears the first time I looked in the mirror at his office. My smile was more beautiful than I had expected.


At first, I thought I couldn’t afford the cost, but when it comes to your health and confidence, there is truly no price you can put on quality of life. Dr. Rota and his staff helped to make my smile affordable and offered several payment options to help. Dr. Rota was so great to patiently explain the options and process, both good and bad, so I had a clear understanding from start to finish. Most impressive is that Dr. Rota makes his crowns himself with the aid of a computer-generated CAD/CAM software.  He is truly an artist.




At first, I thought I couldn’t afford the cost, but when it comes to your health and confidence, there is truly no price you can put on quality of life.



Today I’m pleased to say that I not only found a wonderful doctor, I found a family and a home in his office. They made me feel so comfortable from start to finish, that I now look forward to my routine care visits.


Last November my finals were put in and I’m still getting used to people’s compliments Friends ask what is different about me, did I lose weight, did I have a facelift? I laugh and say no, but the cosmetic dental procedure genuinely changed my entire face, and my entire life. Everything from my eyes, smile, and cheekbones to my entire face is now vibrant.  I’ve reclaimed my confidence. I ’m back to my old self - active, social, running my business, laughing with my spouse and friends; and truly feeling like I have an entirely new outlook on the next 20 years of my life.


Were the cost, time, and effort worth it? I can say it was well worth it. I’m a new person and I couldn’t be more thankful. I now feel like, “I CAN change the world.”




See Lori’s video transformation and learn more about Colorado Springs 

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Joe Rota at


Rota Advanced Dental Center

6210 Woodmen Park View

Colorado Springs, CO 80923





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