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Local Designer Reveals Contemporary Mountain Home in Broadmoor Resort Community – A Stunning Re-Imagination


Story By: Nancy Kay White // Photography By: Don Jones, Studio 9 Commercial



As Scott and Rhonda Taylor drove into the driveway of their new Broadmoor Resort Community home, those of us inside could barely contain our excitement. Rich Schell of Rich Schell Interiors and his design team had been anticipating this moment for over five months and hosted a reveal party for fifty-five family and friends. Shortly after the Taylors had purchased the home in the beautiful community above the Broadmoor, they handed over the keys, giving complete design license to Rich before heading back to Naples, Florida. “This was a beautiful gift from the Taylors and a dream job for me - an opportunity to be trusted to transform their new home as they had re-imagined it,” said Rich. “As we began the transformation, I would send Rhonda small teasers - pictures taken at close range with my camera - so she only saw a small corner of something I was working on. It was fun for her to try and figure out what it was.” As they walked through the front door, it was the first time they had seen the house since January.


Scott tells Colorado Springs Living Well, “Throughout the design transformation, we were able to talk with Rich many times along the way. He had a solid understanding of what we wanted and also understood the home. We had high anticipation as we gave him ‘a blank sheet of paper’ and waited to see what someone with this level of talent could do. At the beginning of this ‘great adventure,’ we had no idea how spectacular the final reveal would be!” 

Close friends of the Taylors had enlisted the Colorado Springs designer to do the interior of their home at the Broadmoor Residences. “We were so impressed with Rich’s work. We felt he had insight of who our friends were and who we were that would help him design our home in a way we would love. It was a good ‘working example’ for us,” Scott said. “He chose everything - art, accessories, furniture, and even utility items like glassware and silverware.” 


Beginning the design process, Rich brought 100 fabrics to Rhonda and Scott, asking them to pick their ten favorites. They went for splashes of bright colors - teal, purple, blues, but also soft tans and grays. The fabrics chosen laid the foundation for selecting furnishings. Rhonda said, “As we walked through our new home, it was fun to see the vision Rich had for taking these fabrics and choosing a spectacular application for each.”


Designer Rich Schell


Rich was familiar with the house, having worked with the previous owner. Rich comments, “The organic architectural elements of this house, including dry stack stone, industrial open steel beams, and douglas fir ceilings, were a stunning background as I worked to create a palette for the softscape elements – furnishings, textiles, art, and accessories. “Pashmina,” a Benjamin Moore paint, was chosen for the walls. “I use this color on many jobs, it is a ‘chameleon color,’ a sophisticated neutral with green-gray undertones, that beautifully adapts to the surrounding colors.”


There is a graceful flow to the home, but each room boasts individuality. Originally, there was a homework station in one corner of the game room. Rich transformed it into “a kind of speakeasy” with a built-in booth that surrounds a large rotating game table. The Taylors have four children, three of which live in the Denver area, so Rich wanted a space for this family to create lots of happy memories together.


“I chose a fun element - life-size resin sheep – to complement the lower level landing,” Rich says. “It was an eclectic choice I made, not realizing it would evoke unexpected emotion from Rhonda. She grew up on a farm, her parents raised sheep, and it brought back memories of her childhood. It was a personal moment shared between designer and homeowner, a fun choice that resonated in a way I was not anticipating.”


Schell uses local artisans like Jodie Bliss, a Colorado Springs metal artist, who used hand forged metals to create the custom planter and leaf foliage in the entry of the home, creating beauty without maintenance. Jodie also captured Rich’s design idea, ”Aspen Forest,” in the base of the large glass-topped dining room table. Barely noticeable, Jodie wove into its base a small iron bird nest, only seen by the most observant. It was a surprise, one of many, that spoke of the detailed planning that went into every element of the master plan. “We have such admiration for these artists and their work, but also love the fact these pieces were created uniquely for our home,” Scott said.


“There have been many influential design styles throughout history. I love the challenge of working within each of these periods. Every chance I have to be challenged with a new style, I ignite with a desire to study that style and begin the process of providing my client the best possible look that neither of us may have expected,” says Rich.





Rich Schell Interiors
1731 Mt. Washington Ave.

Colorado Springs, CO 80905

(719) 475-1200

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