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October 29, 2018


Early Beginnings


This past August, Johannes Hunter Jewelers celebrated its 30-year anniversary as Colorado Springs’ premier jewelry store. This stunning location in the shadow of Pikes Peak is a far cry from where it all began. 


Founder Linda Johannes, a single mother of two, began her career selling Native American jewelry on the side of the road in Bozeman, Montana in the early 70s. As popularity for this type of jewelry grew, Linda opened her first jewelry store in downtown Bozeman and also began supplying Yellowstone National Park with jewelry for their concessions. Over the years, Linda transitioned from Native American jewelry to fine jewelry, and in the 80s, daughters Robin and Brenda joined the company, both bringing extensive knowledge and experience of their own.


What Makes JHJ Unique 


Johannes Hunter Jewelers has an ongoing fascination and love of fine and rare color gemstones. They are constantly searching for stones that are of exceptional purity and intensity of color, and have been cut to release the brilliance that commands attention. Known in the industry for their love of exciting color, these gemstones often find their way to JHJ. Most of these stones are custom designed into the one-of-a-kind pieces you will find on display in the store. 

JHJ travels to numerous trade shows throughout the year and returns to Colorado Springs with a world of meticulously hand-selected jewels. They are known for their contemporary and truly unusual designs, as well as traditional core essentials.


They also excel at selecting the absolute highest quality of diamonds. Every unmounted diamond over one-tenth of a carat is individually hand selected by the JHJ gemologists and staff.




In-House Custom Design


JHJ can create custom jewelry for the most discriminating. In-house experts are bursting with design ideas and are ready to guide you in creating a personalized treasure or remodeling a keepsake you already own. 





World Acclaimed Designers


JHJ is a name dropper when it comes to their impressive lineup of world acclaimed designers.  A client favorite, Eddie Sakamoto, is a designer with a flair for the dramatic. He uses metals like oxidized silver and bronze to create his bangle bracelets and dangly earring collection that “dance with the light.” Sholdt is a small Seattle-based designer known for simple pieces that boast a contemporary edge. Marcel Roelofs brings continuous innovation to the store. He comes from Germany for a trunk show at least once a year. Many of his one-of-a-kind necklaces and interchangeable clasps are bold in size and dramatic in color. 


For the bride and groom, the choices are limitless. Mark Schneider is one of the few living designers with items showcased in the Smithsonian museums. His engagements rings are fresh and distinctive, appealing to the bride who appreciates innovative design. Parade Designs seamlessly marry vintage with organic, including delicate filigree details and gorgeous leaf and vine motifs. Nationally known A. Jaffe, a New York-based designer, has the best collection of updated classics in the business. Recently adding a selection of unusual men’s wedding bands to their collection, one staff favorite has black diamonds set into the sides of the ring. Breuning has become a JHJ staple with consistently rotating classic and dynamic designs, originating in Germany. 


The JHJ Signature Collection features luxurious and timeless designs, created with the highest quality diamonds and craftsmanship. 


Johannes Hunter offers new precision cut diamonds called Fire and Ice. These diamonds are the result of more than 15 years of  industry research concerning 


the behavior of light performance in a diamond. They are cut to precise angles and proportions to maximize light emerging from the top of the gem.The result is bigger, whiter, and brighter diamonds.



Jewelry Repair 


Shannon Carr is JHJ’s on-site goldsmith and repair specialist extraordinaire. A fifteen-year veteran of the industry, he holds his bench jeweler’s certificate from Jewelers of America. This “resident magician” uses a laser welder for repairs, enabling him to repair and restore using very little heat. This process of bonding metals protects your most valued pieces. In addition to these skills, Shannon is known to restring beads and pearls in an intricate fashion.


JHJ also has an external network of highly skilled and trusted specialists for pearl/bead stringing, hand engraving, enamel repair, and diamond recutting and repair.


Steal of the Week Emails


If you are on the JHJ email list, every Saturday morning you will receive an email showcasing an item in the store called “Steal of the Week,” available at a great price. You will also receive information on new arrivals, updates, events, and more.



Going Forward


Johannes Hunter Jewelers has maintained the highest standards of ethics in the jewelry industry for over 30 years. They cherish the relationships they have developed with their clients and are committed to providing the finest jewels and most professional, knowledgeable service possible. Constantly investing in our community, they are an active supporter of the arts and charities throughout the Springs. JHJ hold dear the principle of a family-owned and operated business. Consequently, they treat their clients like family. Their goal is to continue to provide unprecedented standards of quality and service.



(719) 633-8982


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