Local Skin Spa Exclusively Offering Oxylight Facial

May 1, 2019

Madonna Oxylight Facial: An All In One Beauty Treatment For Celebrity Skin




Imaage Skin Spa was established in 2004 by Diana Parker-Martinez, Master Esthetician. Imaage prides itself on a unique approach to skincare: result-oriented techniques combined with luxurious pampering in a private getaway setting in Colorado Springs. 


Offering specialized treatments tailored to our client’s needs, using some of the latest technologies: full spectrum LED light therapy, chemical peels, and Oxylight Sapphire 3.


Oxylight Sapphire 3 is a revolutionary and innovative science backed technology and Imaage is the first and exclusive in Colorado to offer this highly sought-after facial. 


Celebrities and A-list skin care experts give the Oxylight facial rave reviews and is there go to treatment before big events. The Oxylight facial begins with diamond dermabrasion, providing deep exfoliation to prepare skin for pure oxygen(O2) and light permeation. Deep hydration is then applied through a high-pressure oxygen spray. Next the ultrasound is amazing for skin tightening while the miccrocurrent lifts and tones muscles firming your face. As a last step, the Oxylight LED light panel and 14 pure oxygen sprays help penetrate vitamin and nourishing serums into the skin.  It is truly a luxurious experience that will have you immediately ready for the red carpet, weddings, graduations, events or a filter free social media photo.



To schedule an appointment with Imaage call 719-576-228 or visit www.imaageskinspa.com





By: Diana Parker-Martinez, IMAAGE Owner


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