Nursing Excellence Drives Innovation

May 24, 2019

Nurses are bold and courageous, willing

to re-imagine the norm in pursuit of their calling

to make a difference


Postpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal death worldwide - the U.S. rate has almost doubled in the past two decades, while many countries have significantly lowered their maternal mortality rates. Hemorrhage, hypertension, and infection are all contributors to maternal mortality in our country, where the national rate is about 2.9 percent. When nurse leaders at Penrose-St. Francis Health Services realized that not only was postpartum hemorrhage the most preventable cause of maternal death, but that they already had the tools they needed to tackle this patient safety issue, their nurse-led initiatives succeeded in lowering the number of postpartum hemorrhages below the national rate.


Empowered nurses deliver world-class care and impact patient outcomes positively, that’s the bottom line. Championing excellence in leadership and patient care delivery is at the core of the organization’s culture, where nurses are supported and provided the environments to fulfill their collective mission to care for the whole person – mind, body and spirit. 


For this reason, Penrose-St. Francis is the only healthcare system in southern Colorado to receive the prestigious Magnet® recognition for the second time, the highest national honor for nursing practice. This recognition is proof of continued and reliable nursing excellence at Penrose Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center, where incredible nurses and caregivers provide world-class, whole-person care to every patient, every time. 


Nurses are bold and courageous, willing to re-imagine the norm in pursuit of their calling to make a difference – one whole person and one healthy community at a time. Following recommendations by the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and National Nurses (AWHONN), the national professional nursing organization, and the World Health Organization (WHO), Penrose-St. Francis nursing leaders and staff implemented the use of oxytocin post-delivery to reduce postpartum hemorrhage rates. Additionally, they standardized protocols to define stages of hemorrhage by the cumulative amount of blood lost by a woman during labor, a tell-tale sign of hemorrhaging. 


“A leading cause of postpartum hemorrhage and maternal mortality is the failure to recognize excessive blood loss during labor,” Rose Ann Scibona, Penrose-St. Francis Chief Nursing Officer, said. “Our nurses recognized this factor and quickly mobilized to improve processes and impact patient outcomes.” 

Only 475 of the nation’s hospitals (8 percent) are Magnet® designated – 11 are in the state of Colorado. 


Penrose-St. Francis is the first and only to receive this distinguished recognition twice in southern Colorado. Magnet® is a continuous journey, re-designation is required every four years, and it is expected with each application for re-designation that the nurses and hospital staff demonstrate improvement and advancement in their care of patients. 


Penrose-St. Francis Health Services Earns Magnet Re-Designation



Through the years, the bar is raised higher as hospitals, nurses and those who support nurses improve care, making treatment safer by reducing harm to patients, continually striving for safety, world-class quality and innovative ways to deliver care. 

For patients, Magnet® status means they will always receive superior care from compassionate and dedicated nurses, coupled with the organization’s mission, values and commitment to whole-person care, reassuring and protecting patients. It means the very best care, delivered by nurses who are supported to be the very best that they can be. 


For nurses, Magnet® designation means they can expect to work in an organization that honors the immensely valuable work nurses do every day. Nurses are given professional autonomy and a voice in decisions that involve care and treatment at the bedside. 


Moreover, nurses know a Magnet® organization is one that champions and encourages the value of continuing education and specialty certification. Even more impactful, being a designated Magnet® facility means that applying new knowledge, using cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking research to improve patient care is championed and highly valued. 


Penrose-St. Francis nurses and caregivers are connected and fueled by individual passions and purposes to change the world around them. These people, with their talent, skill, knowledge, integrity and character, are by far the most important determinant in the organization’s success, touching thousands of lives across all practice settings. 


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