Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie is a vibrant leader with an old soul who treasures being surrounded by a community that has strong roots, comforts each other in times of need, and shares life’s precious moments. These guiding principles have steered Stephanie and her team to successfully developing a once forgotten piece of land into a premier community full of music, laughter, friendship, and memories.


Involved in 4-H growing up, a valuable lesson she learned early on was to apply her head, heart, hands, and health (the 4-H creed) to constantly keep improving. Add in a solid foundation of right and wrong and it’s not surprising that Stephanie feels a great responsibility to care for what’s been entrusted to her.


In high school Stephanie lost her mother. “Many people circled around me in my greatest time of need, which formed my belief in the importance of a strong community. Now I see this same spirit played out at Gold Hill Mesa, where neighbors are involved and concerned about one another…I love that.”


She was inspired by many mentors along the way, who helped shape her determination and inner strength. Of the many values she passes along to her two daughters today, perhaps the most important is to be fierce and strong, but always kind.


Prior to Gold Hill Mesa, Stephanie worked for CNN and Turner Entertainment Group. “When Gold Hill Mesa found me, I’d already learned how to convey a vision, but with this new role, I was able to refine and implement their story in a tangible, real-life way.” As she talks about the next big project, a commercial development, she tells Living Well, “as we adapted and re-invented ourselves in the past, we will continue to do so in an ever-changing retail environment.”


Stephanie’s vision is to build a sustainable asset for our community of the future. She gives of her time and talent through serving on nonprofit boards, committees, and as a contributing writer for several publications. This strong leader hopes to inspire others to see the value in what Colorado Springs has to offer our families of this community, while keeping abreast of changing trends that will build a stronger city of the future.


EVP & COO Gold Hill Mesa